Antiaddiction cell

Antiaddiction cell has been constituted to ensure a narcotic substance free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption or use of drugs and alcohol by students of the PES Modern College of Pharmacy (for Ladies), Moshi within campus or hostel.

A significant amount of healthy young students may get addicted to narcotic substance abuse. In this context, PES Modern College of Pharmacy (for Ladies), Moshi. As part of the preventive measures, the Antiaddiction cell is creating awareness within college premises and sensitize students on the harmful effects of substance of abuse.

Duties of the Antiaddiction cell:

  • To organize awareness programmes in the PES Modern College of Pharmacy (for Ladies), Moshi college premises and hostels with the help of concerned authorized agencies/organizations.

Objectives of the Antiaddiction cell

  • To spread awareness to ensure a drug/substance free campus and other types of addiction like Mobile addiction
  • Motivate students to become volunteers of anti addiction movement in their life.
  • Ensure no sale of drugs or alcohol in college premises.
  • To prevent the initiation of drug abuse
  • To educate the students about the ill-effects of drugs and alcohol.

Constitution of Antiaddiction cell

Sr.No Name Of Person Designation E-mail Id
Prof. Dr. Shashikant N. Dhole
Mr. Ghansham R. Sakhare
In charge of committee
Dr. (Mrs.) Vrushali S. Tambe
Vice Principal
Mrs. Sneha Patil
Associate in-Charge
Mrs. Bhagyashri Parande
Associate in-Charge
Mr. Nihar Hasabnis
External Member
Ms. Rutuja Pawar
Student M. Pharm 2023-24
Ms. Purva Yelwande
Student M. Pharm 2023-24
Ms. Harshda Dolare
Student B. Pharm 2023-24
Ms. Pratiksha Nale
Student B. Pharm 2023-24